Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So...I forgot to mention that Luke is a little ummm...crazy. At four weeks count em 1...2...3...4 he decided that he was king of the world or something and felt that it was perfectly acceptible for said king to ROLL OVER! WHAT? So yea, ever since, anytime we put him on his tummy, if he doesn't like it whoop right over to his back as good as any 4 month old. Whats next? Crawling at two months? These Messegees, all a bunch of over achivers (hehehe) Not that I wasn't talking clearly at 7 months or anything. It'a just funny and kinda scary when your kids exceed (by miles) your expectations and you realize just how capable they are. He has been very very sweet to have around. He has reflux which has been very sad for him but he seems to be doing much better. In other news, we'll be blessing him at the end of this month (the week before conference) We'll post cute pictures when it happens!

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