Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hello world!

Today I finally got my letter into the mail, for those of you who do not receive the letter, this means I don't have your current address. I would love to keep up to date so let me know where you are at! I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm now in real estate and very excited to get movin! Do you want to hear my funny story? I ordered my business cards a while back hoping that I could send them out with my letter of introduction (you know, put a face with the name kinda thing). So I've been putting off sending it in hopes they would show up. Finally, this morning I decided that I would just send it anyway and get my cards out on a later mailing. So off they went at about 1:30 pm. However, just as Murphy would have it, at about 4:40pm got a call from my office and guess whats there just waiting for me to pick up?...You got it, my cards!!!! They had just arrived this afternoon, conveniently, after I sent out my letter. So I apologize for the absence of my business card, you will be getting them shortly! Also, when you receive my letter please email me and tell me what you think! You can also comment here on my blog and be entered into a drawing for a fun little prize. Thank you all for you in-exhaustible support. It really has meant alot!

Friday, May 18, 2007

the numbers are in....

It's official, Ammon is HUGE!!! He weighed in today at 24 1/2 pounds! Whoa!!!! Not bad for 10 months. He's a little sick today which is why we were at the doctors getting weighed. (boo) However, with his pluck I'm sure he'll be feeling better in no time!

Friday, May 11, 2007

amazing feets of a 10 month old!

So try to imagine this, Bath time rolls around and I manage to bathe Ammon without getting totally soaked and still have a few minutes left to call my visiting teaching companion to make appointments before I have to put Ammon down for bed. As I was going over dates with my companion it was daddy time for Ammon. They were playing on the couch and being all sorts of wild. After a few minutes I realised it was strangely quite. Sure enough both boys were sound asleep, and Ammon was still only in a diaper. Well, I thought, I'll just give him his bottle and get him to bed since he's so sleepy, thinking about how un-happy he will be when he's woken up (he's not a fan of being interrupted in his sleep). However when I tried waking him up....nothing, not even a stir! So alright, I'll just change his diaper and put his jammies on, that will get him going a bit. I kid you not, I wiped his bum with a cold wipe, replaced the diaper, put a onsie and pants on him, rolled him over and pick him up without so much as a sigh. I couldn't believe it, he was totally out! And to top it off, he slept the whole night! I thought for sure he would wake up early with one thing on his mind 'must have bottle!' So either I'm just that good (unlikely) Or I should have Jimmy put him to sleep every night!

(the picture is of him completely crashed (and clothed) on the couch before I took his catatonic body to bed!)