Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ahhhhh Summer

We have had a blast this week! So far Cleveland summer has proved true in being as lovely as anything imaginable. We had alot of fun in our garden, and our back yard this weekend as well as a visit to the Lake Farm Park. Here are some pictures from our week.

The fence that Daddy built:

Daddy digging holes and pulling roots

It's starting to look like something

The big helper

Almost done!

The spectators


Before Church today, Ammon in his cool Tie

Hanging out on the couch

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun from the farm

Well, I have to admit our time in Missouri was AMAZING! I think Jim's Mom has found heaven on earth. The fields were green and beautiful, the cows were fun and talkative. It was a treat to see the Amish driving their buggies and wagons into town. Ammon had so much fun. I think it was the first time I'd ever seen him so happy and free. We are looking forward to July 4th with eagerness! I wish I could take you all there to see it! Here are some pictures to give you a glimpse!

Cozy in the car for 13.5 hours. I love family car trips!

40 acres makes for a long walk

From under the 'Picnic Tree'

rollin in the grass on a sunny day

"Sun block" for our little red head and Jimmy's Amish hat

Too good for the press

The Farmer

Ammon and Mr. Ford got on quite well together

The Help

tickely grass, it was up to my arm pits!

Walkin by the chicken house where Little Bitty and her 3 chicks live