Sunday, January 23, 2011

fabric scraps and sleeping children...

So the kiddos are sick today. :( Boo. Jimmy is on call so we are solo. Ammon has been a trooper but poor Elaine is miserable. She's just too little to be sick I tell you! *Sigh* It's a sad thing to have sicky babies. At one point, all the squeakers were asleep, and I thought "I'm going to make something." So I used the tutorial from here and the instructions from here modified them a bit and came up with this!

Not only will my ears be toasty warm at Ammon's bus stop, but they will be seriously cute too! At least I think so. I would personally model it for you, but I'm a little sicky as well (and I look a little scary.) Maybe another day. I hope you're staying healthy and warm!

We'll talk soon

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do you ever feel....

Overwhelmed? Tired? Sad? Misunderstood? Stressed out? Overworked and Underpaid?

Lemme tell ya, This has been a week! BAH! This week involved basically all of the above mentioned emotions plus some. I am so done with this week. But I've been thinking, I get alot of comfort knowing I am not alone. When I call up my girlfriends, or say a prayer, I remember that I am not unique in these feelings. Others have been there, done that. And the best part is, they want to help! What a wonderful thing to have available! Imagine, a world FULL of women who understand each other. Amazing. I so appreciate all the beautiful ladies in my life. What a gift. Miss Sarah S. and her party, dancing her way into her 30th year, Miss Heather watching my crazy (yet wonderful) children, Miss Sarah R. taking me out to lunch, are all a testament to me of the power of women. These ladies were there when I needed it. They understand. I love them.

Speaking of...This week at JEllen's there will be a very special gathering of women (and some men I'm sure) to muster strength, pool talents and resources and do something AMAZING! We are a force to be reckoned with. (Mmmwaha) This is one reason I feel so passionately about the Relief Society of the church. We are women, garnering strength to change the world. So if you want to change the world, or just support another woman doing a good thing, I'd love to see you there! I have three seats open if you want a ride!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The results...

Ammon is doing well. He broke the lowest knuckle in his left thumb. He wasn't being all that crazy, he just fell wrong this morning and his thumb took the brunt of the fall. He falls all the time! It's crazy! Anyway, he is in good spirits, and has endured things well. I was pretty STRESSED OUT this morning, but I've finally calmed down as well. He'll get a cast on Friday that will be on for around four weeks. I'm just seriously grateful that it happened today and not tomorrow because Jim is on call tonight. Yea for a calm husband who is also almost a doctor :).

Ammon takes pity in the form of chocolate and cookies ;)

I knew this day was coming...

You can't last long in a house full of boys without eventually landing in the ED with a broken limb. Well, the day came. We officially have our first broken bone. Ammon is at the hospital now with Jim. His poor thumb will not be the same after today.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Roz and I are in sewing heaven....

This my friends is a sight of pure joy! My favorite fabric store had their year end sale this last week, and I got a gift card for Christmas....basically it was meant to be (Thanks Dad and Sue!). I went to visit Ms. Joyce TWICE this week. The first time I went alone (a rare occasion) However, I got in trouble by a certain 4 year old, who thinks Joyce is his best friend.
 We simply had to go back! Ammon is hilarious in her store. I think he would stay there forever if I let him.  Joyce kinda likes Ammon too. He's famous now, you should check it out! I had a blast thumbing through her beautiful selection and came home with these lovelies and a mind full of crafty ideas. Roz and I are going to be busy.
I was so pumped after my visit with Joyce that I made this! I worked on it after the kids went to bed until midnight. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Ahhhh fandango, you will make a beautiful baby quilt.

What would you do with a pile of beautiful fabric?