Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We had a blast this week for FHE! On Saturday we went to the Voytko Berry farm and picked blue berries (so awesome) Then for our activity on Monday we made a pie! YUMMY! Ammon took to baking quite well, he had a blast pouring ingredients and rolling out the crust, and of course sneeking blue berries when I wasn't looking. Luke was great moral support from the couch and Jimmy pulled the crust together! What a blast!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Story Behind The Name

We've been getting alot of questions on where Luke's name came from. So I thought I'd write a little explanation. First of all, because I know he cares, Luke was originally suggested by Nick my step brother. We had been flipping through the index in the scriptures looking at names and Jim was joking about naming him some star wars name like Darth Vader or something and then Nick came up with Luke, so it went on the maybe list. The more we thought about the name the more we liked it. First of all Messegee is of Greek origin which is cool and we like our names to have special meaning, whether its a hero or a person we admire or directly connected to our place in life. Luke fell under the last category. In the scriptures, Luke is a disciple of Christ. He was Greek and his profession was as a physician or doctor. We thought that this was very fitting seeing that Messegee is Greek and Jimmy would be starting med school about the same time Luke was born. So, going with this theme we started our hunt for a middle name. Javan (pronounced Javen) is the ancient Hebrew word for someone who is Greek. So, there you go. LOL I know it's kinda silly, there are alot of Greek parts to his name and his dad's new profession but it just seemed fitting and if you could look at him now, you would see his is definitely a Luke! Also, he'll always have a fun explination for a somewhat common name.