Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nap Time Triumph...

So I basically feel totally awesome right now. I made this little beauty during nap time yesterday. What do you think?

This dress represents a significant triumph! Not only is this my first EVER baby dress, it is also the first item of clothing I have sewn without one scrap of help! I am so proud :).

You may also notice that this dress consists entirely of Moda fabrics (From JEllen's of course) The green is a basic solid and the skirt is Wee Woodland by Keiki for Moda. So this is also my very first finished project made from my lovely fabric stash! I have been otherwise too scared to cut my fabric. I'm such a chicken when it comes down to the cutting. Eek!
I found this pattern on Prudent Baby. I love reading their blog, and check it often. It was such a happy surprise to find this pattern waiting for me as a went through my morning blog list. I was instantly inspired I knew I had to make it.

And it looks simply darling to boot! (It helps to have such a pretty model!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Month in Pictures

January was a cold one here in Cleveland. These are just a few pictures from the month. I'll try to post some videos as well. Love ya!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kid History - Episode 1

This out of control hilarious. You should check out episode 2 and 3 as well. I don't even know what to say right so so funny. :)


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who couldn't love this face...


Really, isn't he darling? I love the odd and silly tradition. In elementary school any holiday written on a calendar is always acknowledged, but this my friends was always my favorite. How strange you might say. I think it is wonderful. A charming community event, silly and frivolous and yet, so homey. I can picture the die hard fans (around 40,000 of them) with their warm drinks, bundled up, shouting hello to friends they may not have seen in a year. Hoping, chanting even, for an early spring. This little guy only prognosticates correctly about 39% of the time. Which is not very reliable, but I still love him!

I have another reason to love this usually chilly day in February. This is the day, six years ago, that I met my Jimmy.
I was on vacation, we ended up in the same institute class during the week and, in my naturally forward manner, invited him out to pizza with a few other friends. We talked the night away, were engaged a little more then a week later and the rest is history. So I guess this whole coming week is significant! How I love my Mr. And just like the movie, I get to repeat that feeling everyday for all eternity. *Happiness*

So Happy Groundhog day! Happy early spring! Do something wonderful today and hope it repeats all year long!

Catch you later!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

She's crafty...

Well last month was......interesting. Aside from everyone being ill a few times I had some fun crafty outlets. This little number was hiding in my attic and really needed a face lift. I obliged :)

Now typically, one would place a before picture here instead of an after picture. However, one has a hard time doing this when they get too excited and start painting before they remember what a camera is. Suffice it to say, this table was plain. It was composite wood tan and it needed help.

After finishing the project, Luke was SOOOOO excited he promptly broke one of the legs off. YIKES that kid can really be a beast sometimes. So we had to fix that. I cut a circle with my jig saw in a 1x8 and glued it to the bottom with liquid nails. After that I just used longer screws to attach the leg brackets, and there you go. Easy peasy. 

My sweetie surprised me with a flower yesterday. I think it was meant for that table :)
The chalk board paint went on really well, it was thick and a little more smelly the regular paint but the results have been awesome. It's a total hit! The kids love it, it's cute, and it works great for mushy little love notes :).