Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who couldn't love this face...


Really, isn't he darling? I love the odd and silly tradition. In elementary school any holiday written on a calendar is always acknowledged, but this my friends was always my favorite. How strange you might say. I think it is wonderful. A charming community event, silly and frivolous and yet, so homey. I can picture the die hard fans (around 40,000 of them) with their warm drinks, bundled up, shouting hello to friends they may not have seen in a year. Hoping, chanting even, for an early spring. This little guy only prognosticates correctly about 39% of the time. Which is not very reliable, but I still love him!

I have another reason to love this usually chilly day in February. This is the day, six years ago, that I met my Jimmy.
I was on vacation, we ended up in the same institute class during the week and, in my naturally forward manner, invited him out to pizza with a few other friends. We talked the night away, were engaged a little more then a week later and the rest is history. So I guess this whole coming week is significant! How I love my Mr. And just like the movie, I get to repeat that feeling everyday for all eternity. *Happiness*

So Happy Groundhog day! Happy early spring! Do something wonderful today and hope it repeats all year long!

Catch you later!


Sarah said...

Happy Groundhog Day to you! I'm glad you met Jim and got married and all that jazz so you could end up Cleveland with me! Please tell me Phil predicted an early Spring.

hollyctr said...

He totally predicted an early spring! Good little groundhog!