Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One for the team

Well we had a bit of a gruesome day today. Yeah toddlers are GREAT fun. Meagan has been very sweet taking Ammon for about an hour walk each morning so that I can either rest or shower or do whatever else is hard to do with a two year old running around. This morning, it was the rest that I needed so off they went and I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. The next thing I knew Meagan was knocking on my bedroom door asking for my help cause Ammon fell. I though he just needed some help calming down. So, rather dazed, I stumbled out of my room only to be faced with absolute carnage! Hello, I'm awake! Ammon had decided to be superman today and push (with a running start) the stroller down our concrete steps off the porch. His face broke his fall and nothing was broken but boy was he something to look at. After getting him cleaned up (which was alot harder then I thought it would be) we snuggled on the couch and by this evening he was starting to look a little better. Holy heart attack though! Poor Meagan felt terrible but you can't keep them from every fall, as careful as you are, they'll still find a way to get hurt. I only hope this teaches him a little more caution in the future. I sure was glad Meagan was here though. I was really calm through the whole thing, I think I might have lost it if I were by myself. I'm also glad I didn't see him fall. I don't think this overly sensitive pregnant lady could handle that! YIKES! Anyway, he is doing fine, after his nap he was back to his normal cheerful self. I think we may be more traumatized then he was! That's kids for ya!

Just after the fall

Tonight right before bed. He looked much better once the swelling went down. Poor guy!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fluffy Goodness

So this is our most recent creation. We tried a new cake recipe (which we're still not thrilled with) and new frosting and filling (that we totally love!!) So it is a white cake with lemon filling and Fluffy white frosting. Isn't it pretty?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ohio makes me cry...

It's true, well not the actual state but their little program called medicaid. I have spent the last three days on the phone (or in the car, or online) trying desperately for someone to agree with what someone else had told me or even just talk to the right office so that my eight month pregnant self can get insurance! I have been transferred, put on hold, given a different number to call, hung up on, told to apply for one thing only for the next person (who they transferred me to) to tell me that it doesn't exist, I've been Lectured to about my irresponsibility for moving to a new state in my 3rd trimester and badly beaten and abused. So today (day number 3) I finally lost it. I cried, I've never cried on the phone like that! (I think I really freaked the operator I was talking to out) However, in some twisted sort of way, I was actually connected (eventually) to someone who knew what they were talking about! It's a little strange and probably completely cruel but the water works worked. *Sigh* who doesn't love bureaucracy? I just hate that I was pushed that far. I cannot tell you how many people were completely rude with me on the phone because I was talking to the "wrong" person. Yikes, I'm sorry, some other person who had no clue transferred me to you! Please forgive my ignorance. Anyway, long story short, if you EVER find yourself in my situation don't let it go to tears, I've kept ALL the numbers, I'll send you to the only nice, competent person I've spoken with, I'm sure she'll take care of you! Good Grief!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Here is my (2nd) first attempt at making a double layered cake!! My (1st) 1st attempt was a complete and utter disaster! The Frosting erupted all over the table in a rather gooey chocolate puddle, then the cake split in half and slid off the bottom layer. It was truly a spectacle of sadness and defeat (so it doesn't really count.) However, I was not completely discouraged (did I mention this 1st 1st attempt was about 2 1/2 years ago, I may have been scarred a little hehe) What can I say, Meagan (my very culinarily talented step sister that lives with us) gives me courage! So while I have yet to master the actual cake recipe and our new gas oven (it was a little on the dry, dense side) I was pretty thrilled with the presentation (which was of utmost importance!) We ate some of it and then commissioned the rest to the elders in our new ward who had just visited the day before offering their services for ANYTHING we could use help with. They were nice (in fact rather enthusiastic) to help us out on this one! So go ahead, Oooww and Aaww at our lovely cake!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My favorite pics from the road

Chi Town, very cool reminicing, we drove right past my old job...crazy!

We were consistantly blown away by the beauty of our country (I loved this cute little farm!)

Ammon lost his lunch in downer (too much junk food I think, very funny coincidence though!)

Ammon in the big truck with Daddy, we would ask him where daddy was and he would point to the truck and say "kruck!" so talented.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our new place

I thought I'd share a few pics of our new abode. Tell me what you think!!!

This is a cute little park just a few blocks down the street.

The wall paper in the place is so fun!

Jimmy's thrifty space managment for small kitchens, Love it!!!

Our funky little retro kitchen, it's been fun getting used to

Our beautiful bay windows over looking our GYNORMOUS porch, love it! (and my beloved A/C unit!)

The Gynormous porch!

This old turn of the century beaut has solid wood built ins all over the house!

The door on the right is Ammons "batcave" it's a closet about the size of a phone booth, he loves to play in there!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We Made it!!!

Hey everyone! This is coming from CLEVELAND!!!! We finally pulled into town on Sunday June 1st and I just barely got internet today! The drive was long but everything went really smooth. We like our place (it is huge!!!) and we are thrilled with the ward we've moved into. Sorry I didn't update as we were traveling, We were so tired it was all I could do to change into jammies. Tomorrow during Ammon's nap I'll upload pics of the trip and our place plus a little quiz for your enjoyment!!! Thanks for the prayers!!!