Thursday, June 19, 2008


Here is my (2nd) first attempt at making a double layered cake!! My (1st) 1st attempt was a complete and utter disaster! The Frosting erupted all over the table in a rather gooey chocolate puddle, then the cake split in half and slid off the bottom layer. It was truly a spectacle of sadness and defeat (so it doesn't really count.) However, I was not completely discouraged (did I mention this 1st 1st attempt was about 2 1/2 years ago, I may have been scarred a little hehe) What can I say, Meagan (my very culinarily talented step sister that lives with us) gives me courage! So while I have yet to master the actual cake recipe and our new gas oven (it was a little on the dry, dense side) I was pretty thrilled with the presentation (which was of utmost importance!) We ate some of it and then commissioned the rest to the elders in our new ward who had just visited the day before offering their services for ANYTHING we could use help with. They were nice (in fact rather enthusiastic) to help us out on this one! So go ahead, Oooww and Aaww at our lovely cake!

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Hatsuho said...

your cake looks great! the layers are so even and the frosting looks perfect! you are so nice for thinking of the missionaries!