Monday, June 16, 2008

Our new place

I thought I'd share a few pics of our new abode. Tell me what you think!!!

This is a cute little park just a few blocks down the street.

The wall paper in the place is so fun!

Jimmy's thrifty space managment for small kitchens, Love it!!!

Our funky little retro kitchen, it's been fun getting used to

Our beautiful bay windows over looking our GYNORMOUS porch, love it! (and my beloved A/C unit!)

The Gynormous porch!

This old turn of the century beaut has solid wood built ins all over the house!

The door on the right is Ammons "batcave" it's a closet about the size of a phone booth, he loves to play in there!


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Allison said...

Your house looks very cute. It reminds me of our house actually with the built ins and such. I hope you guys have a good time settling in and I'll call you soon.