Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Big Spenders

Yesterday was somewhat exciting. Well, Monday's are always exciting because they are Jimmy's day off! YEA!!! However, this Monday was particularly interesting because we have officially become adults! Gone are the days of coin operated laundry gone forever are the days of old apartment microwaves that only kinda get things warm, yes, you've guess correctly we bought APPLIANCES!!! We've been saving for a while to get these now necessary conveniences but actually spending the money came with mixed feelings. We're excited to use them but HOLY MOLY were they expensive!! YIKES!!! We did go a little more on the W/D and got the front loaders (you know, the spiffy high efficiency ones) Jimmy sat down and figured out (based on the cost of a k/w hour and the price of a gallon of heated water) That if we only did two loads a week for the next year, we would save over $90 bucks! In four years that makes up the difference in price between these ones and the cheap top loaders. (impressive huh!?!) In all the fun though, this is a big step in life. We are grown-up married people moving into a house and we own major appliances. Ah what a strange new world this is.

Friday, May 9, 2008


So I know I'm a nerd, we've been counting down for our move since February but I just can't help it! I'm sooooo excited!! I love meeting new people and getting to know my way around new places! It's been such a distracting thought for so long, half the time I completely forget I'm pregnant! (maybe that's way the baby's so active...hmm..) I'm a little nervous about Ammon though. First of all, we'll be driving across the country in three 12+ hour days I'm afraid this little active almost 2 year old is going to hate my guts by the time we get there. We've booked hotels with pools or that are close to parks so he can get some serious wiggles out but I'm not sure that will be enough. Then Jim is flying back to WA to work for the rest of June so we can pay off our car. Now, Ammon is pretty used to not seeing Jim very much, but he's starting to get supper clingy when Jimmy is home. He's started asking for "daddy" all the time or wanting to call him on my phone. And then, to put the cherry on top, we'll be having ANOTHER BABY in the house just a month after Daddy comes back. Ammon has been really sweet with other babies when I've babysat for friends but with everything else I'm afraid it might push him over the edge. I dunno, then again he might surprise me and do just fine. Any suggestions? Have any of you ever made a huge move with kids? Let me know, I think I'm out of ideas!!!