Friday, August 7, 2009

What a summer

I know, it's still August and summer isn't over yet. For us, however, school has started which means summer has ended. It has been a memorable summer. One of the best so far. We saw alot of eachother, had many adventures and a little bit of fun everyday. It has been a great way to spend our last "summer break" together. I would apologize at my lack of blogging during the season, but we were just having too much fun. I'll share with you though, don't worry. It's just a little late in coming.

July started off with a trip to Missiouri and a big birthday party!

Luke was not shy...

Ammon was a little more dainty

The Farm was great and so beautiful! It was so wonderful to see all the COUSINS!!!

At home we've just had as much fun as possible! Jimmy has a new calling as the ward mission leader (which he is REALLY excited about!) We have wonderful missionaries in our ward right now so it's wonderful to work with them.

So sweet with his baby...

We have the COOLEST family home evenings!

As far as firsts go, Luke is now running through the house and loving that he can FINALLY chase Ammon around (much to Ammon's delight) Ammon is almost potty trained and has quite the vocabulary these days! We're hoping he will be able to start preschool this fall and Luke will hopfully start talking soon! We love you all! I hope you had as wonderful as a summer as we did!