Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One for the team

Well we had a bit of a gruesome day today. Yeah toddlers are GREAT fun. Meagan has been very sweet taking Ammon for about an hour walk each morning so that I can either rest or shower or do whatever else is hard to do with a two year old running around. This morning, it was the rest that I needed so off they went and I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. The next thing I knew Meagan was knocking on my bedroom door asking for my help cause Ammon fell. I though he just needed some help calming down. So, rather dazed, I stumbled out of my room only to be faced with absolute carnage! Hello, I'm awake! Ammon had decided to be superman today and push (with a running start) the stroller down our concrete steps off the porch. His face broke his fall and nothing was broken but boy was he something to look at. After getting him cleaned up (which was alot harder then I thought it would be) we snuggled on the couch and by this evening he was starting to look a little better. Holy heart attack though! Poor Meagan felt terrible but you can't keep them from every fall, as careful as you are, they'll still find a way to get hurt. I only hope this teaches him a little more caution in the future. I sure was glad Meagan was here though. I was really calm through the whole thing, I think I might have lost it if I were by myself. I'm also glad I didn't see him fall. I don't think this overly sensitive pregnant lady could handle that! YIKES! Anyway, he is doing fine, after his nap he was back to his normal cheerful self. I think we may be more traumatized then he was! That's kids for ya!

Just after the fall

Tonight right before bed. He looked much better once the swelling went down. Poor guy!


Allison said...

Oh man! Poor baby! I'm glad you had someone else there to help. Those big falls can be scary.

Ashley said...

Ohhh the poor little guy! That must have been so scary! I really like your blog, and I found you from Seattle Mom Blogs.