Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wow...it really has been almost a month!

I'll explain, first of all; my Jimmy came home!!! Thus I have been VERY distracted. As much as I hate to say it, the blog has not been a priority. Second of all; I am now 9 months pregnant and sitting at the computer is very VERY uncomfortable. You're in luck today however because I cannot sleep and it is still dark out. (blah!) Anywho, life has been wonderful with Jim home. School has already started and he is loving it. On July 13th he received his white coat (which was very cool) and it was Ammon's 2nd B-day!!! Jim's mom came into town for the weekend and we had a total blast!!!

Aren't they cute! As far as My life goes I'm just waiting. (don't you just LOVE that part?) I'm feeling really good and healthy, alot better then last time and the best part is I weigh about 7 pounds less this time around! Wooohooo! I've just gotten to the impatient stage. I think I nested last night though (mainly because I cleaned the whole house in about an hour when I usually don't do more then just sit on the couch these days) So hopefully that's a good sign. I'm also a little dilated and alot effaced so, we're keeping our fingers crossed! Wish us luck!! We'll (meaning I) will try to keep you better informed on any further progress. Sorry it took so long. Love ya!!


Gerritt & Melissa said...

Hey Holly,
Things are good......Busy, but good. Looks like life is going well for you all too. Waiting is the worst part during pregnancy huh? Good luck!

CODY - KAMI - HAZEN said...

Oh my gosh Holls! Look at your belly now... so cute pregnant. I am excited for you all...such fun changes. I can't believe Ammon is 2 already. That previous post with Ammon's accident was SO sad. I hope he has healed up okay. I look forward to seeing pictures of your new addition soon!