Sunday, July 27, 2008

short, but crazy, update

Well if you're ever feeling sorry for yourself and need a reason to snap out of it, give me a call, it could always be worse! lol So anyway, we've had a very crazy week! We just got home from the hospital (no, not for baby) today after a very interesting weekend. Wednesday morning I noticed that the heel of my foot was inflamed and was hurting really bad (but not itching), by that evening both feet were the same as well as my left hand. In a matter of a few day's my whole body (well, anywhere that I put pressure) was covered with these bazaar painful lesions and I was getting worse. So we helped ourselves to labor and delivery to see what might be going on. We officially baffled 7 OBGYNs two teams of ENT surgeons and almost stumped one very bubbly dermatologist! It turns out that I have a rare form of a rare form of a rare dermatological disorder! I always knew I was special. It's called (in case you're interested) pressure induced acute Urticaria brought on by pregnancy. How's that for fancy! Pretty much, I'm one in a million, so much that all of the OB's I'd seen had never even heard of it! So I get a crazy rash, Jimmy and the dermatologist get to write a paper to publish in two disciplines, an I won't get better till the baby is born, so we may get to see he sweet face sooner then later! We're all fine, it's totally non-threatening to the baby, just very painful. I'm stuck in bed rotating like a pig on a spit till the baby is born but all in all, in good spirits. Especially since they thought this might be something really scary like an autoimmune disease or some other very scary dermatological disorder. So I know alot of people have heard already, and alot haven't. I'm really sorry that we can't call everyone personally to tell them. My hands and ears are covered with this craziness so talking on the phone is very painful. Feel free to email if you have to know first hand that I'm ok, typing doesn't seem to bother me yet! Love you all, thanks for your prayers, and we will definitely let you all know when it's Baby time!! And if you're really curious, email and we'll send pics! Love ya!

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