Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do you ever feel....

Overwhelmed? Tired? Sad? Misunderstood? Stressed out? Overworked and Underpaid?

Lemme tell ya, This has been a week! BAH! This week involved basically all of the above mentioned emotions plus some. I am so done with this week. But I've been thinking, I get alot of comfort knowing I am not alone. When I call up my girlfriends, or say a prayer, I remember that I am not unique in these feelings. Others have been there, done that. And the best part is, they want to help! What a wonderful thing to have available! Imagine, a world FULL of women who understand each other. Amazing. I so appreciate all the beautiful ladies in my life. What a gift. Miss Sarah S. and her party, dancing her way into her 30th year, Miss Heather watching my crazy (yet wonderful) children, Miss Sarah R. taking me out to lunch, are all a testament to me of the power of women. These ladies were there when I needed it. They understand. I love them.

Speaking of...This week at JEllen's there will be a very special gathering of women (and some men I'm sure) to muster strength, pool talents and resources and do something AMAZING! We are a force to be reckoned with. (Mmmwaha) This is one reason I feel so passionately about the Relief Society of the church. We are women, garnering strength to change the world. So if you want to change the world, or just support another woman doing a good thing, I'd love to see you there! I have three seats open if you want a ride!

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