Friday, May 11, 2007

amazing feets of a 10 month old!

So try to imagine this, Bath time rolls around and I manage to bathe Ammon without getting totally soaked and still have a few minutes left to call my visiting teaching companion to make appointments before I have to put Ammon down for bed. As I was going over dates with my companion it was daddy time for Ammon. They were playing on the couch and being all sorts of wild. After a few minutes I realised it was strangely quite. Sure enough both boys were sound asleep, and Ammon was still only in a diaper. Well, I thought, I'll just give him his bottle and get him to bed since he's so sleepy, thinking about how un-happy he will be when he's woken up (he's not a fan of being interrupted in his sleep). However when I tried waking him up....nothing, not even a stir! So alright, I'll just change his diaper and put his jammies on, that will get him going a bit. I kid you not, I wiped his bum with a cold wipe, replaced the diaper, put a onsie and pants on him, rolled him over and pick him up without so much as a sigh. I couldn't believe it, he was totally out! And to top it off, he slept the whole night! I thought for sure he would wake up early with one thing on his mind 'must have bottle!' So either I'm just that good (unlikely) Or I should have Jimmy put him to sleep every night!

(the picture is of him completely crashed (and clothed) on the couch before I took his catatonic body to bed!)

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