Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Little Chef

I've been trying to find new ways to entertain Ammon during the day so that he is a little less like Godzilla and a little more like the sweet child I know he can be. So yesterday we tried baking!! I thought of it that morning (of course) right before nap time so we had to wait till later to give it a go. In the mean time while I was waiting (because cookies really actually sounded amazing right about then) I decided to make Ammon his very own apron. I have to say (caution: self back-patting) it turned out pretty stinkin cute. We made the cookies, got messy, dropped eggs and had a total blast! He totally LOVED IT! Then he wouldn't take the apron off for hours. And while it's definitely hectic baking with a toddler, I think I may have struck gold!!

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Heidi A. said...

Great blog and CUTE apron! We often live in our aprons and have saved quite a few clothes because of it! :)

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Beautiful family!!!