Monday, September 1, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words right? (So does that mean I can get away without writting?)

Sorry about the delay on Baby pics. Sleep has been winning in that battle for my free time. (The blog just doesn't sound as refreshing as a nice afternoon nap!) Here are some recent pics though. I hope you enjoy them! Luke is a sweetie and every bit as easy as Ammon was. Ammon is taking to being a Big Bro like he's been doing it forever! Love you All!

Picnic on campus with daddy

Building a sweet car ramp in our living room

Beautiful eyes

Super stud pose

just like a little angel!

Wide awake and so serious

Ammon with his "baby"

Labor Day fun at Shaker Lake

Mommy and Baby

Me and my Boys

Just tossing rocks

Good looking guys!

Big baby!!


CODY - KAMI - HAZEN said...

How cute are all your pictures! Thanks for the updates. How are YOU feeling? Luke is so beautiful and I can't believe how big Ammon is getting. Are you adjusting well to the new area of the country? How's Jim's schooling going? Do you (hopefully) get to see him much?

hollyctr said...

I'm actually doing pretty good! I'm totally exhusted most of the time still (suprise suprise) but all in all I'm doing great. I'm already back to my pre-birth weight (even if I am still a couple sizes bigger) and I was able to heal really quickly so in that department life is good! We love Ohio so far. It's so beautiful here and everything is interesting because it is new. Med school has been great so far too. I get to see Jimmy every night for dinner, all weekend and occationaly they have thursday off! So it has been a really sweet change for us! We miss you guys! I hope your mom is doing well. Gimme a call sometime!

Jeanette said...

You baby is just so cute. I love baby pictures. I just found your blog from LDS Women Bloggers.
I love your header!! I live in SW Ohio. I hope you like your time here in Ohio. It is a great state and I am totally unbiased when I say that. It is not like I grew up here and have lived her the majority of my life. :-)