Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Last night we went down to Olympia and took part in a tradition shared by most families, but never by mine. We made cookies! Jim's Mom is an amazing cook, and has been giving me pointers so that one day I too can feed my family delicious and edible food! Cookie baking has been a family favorite for them, and they where gracious to pass on the knowledge! We made two batches of loved and well known cookies, Jan Hagel (which is to die for!) and sugar cookies for decorating, we also made a new one, we'll just call them "stained glass cookies" instead of the weird name the recipe called them. In these cookies you basically make a sugar cookie dough, cut out your shapes then crush candies and put them into the middle cutout of the cookie (we used Jolley Ranchers) then when you bake them, the crushed candies melt then re-harden when cooled, and in the end they look like a very lovely stained glass window!

Despite one very un-timely and uncomfortable asthma attack, the evening was wonderful! Having everyone in the kitchen laughing and working was so much fun! I can see why families love to bake cookies for the holiday's!

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