Monday, January 1, 2007

loads of laughs

Ever walked in on a conversation and been totally lost? It's usually pretty darn funny too. This site is full of notes, to-do lists, and random signs and pictures that people have "found". Like the note that fell out of someones backpack at school with sleep-over plans written out, or a love note left on the wrong car (oops!) Jim and I enjoyed this site immensely and our cheeks and tummy were exhausted by the end...........totally recommended for a downer day! Here is one of our favs.....

Action! List!
FOUND by Jane Pulliam in Tacoma, Washington
I manage some apartments. One night the garbage was overflowing with a plastic bag full of Coke cans. When I opened the bag this "Action List" was inside. Two things strike me as funny. The first is that getting a job is more important than getting off heroin. And second, besides a dozen empty Coke cans there were two empty half gallon jugs of chocolate milk. What happened to number nine?

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