Tuesday, January 2, 2007

hello cough, cough, cough...

I often wonder what it must be like to not understand any language. I'm fascinated watching Ammon learn communication from us. You start with crying, followed by smiles and giggles then silly sounds and gurgles and at last...WORDS!!! Now Ammon isn't at words yet but I can see him adding to his "vocabulary" daily. This last few weeks, for example, we have spent alot of time in Olympia at Jim's mom's house. She has cats, which in all other circumstances are totally sweet kitties but when it comes to my lungs, we just don't mix. With asthma comes coughing, which usually lasts for a few days after our visit. When I cough, I always get a reaction from Jim "Are you OK?" and I think this exchange has convinced Ammon that coughing is just another way of saying well.....something. So now he will answer my coughing with one or two of his own! Cough cough cough with a little grin on his face! Being a mom is so cool!

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