Saturday, December 9, 2006

Weed and Weights Don't Mix

My best friend and I recently made a goal to run a 5k this spring. I know that's not the most impressive thing you've heard all day, but for two asthmatics, 3.1 miles is a big deal! Anyway, we run three times a week in the lovely and convenient weight room located in the "A" building across the parking lot. Today was day three of this weeks workouts. Bethany came over, we bundled Ammon and made our way towards the treadmills. As we where in-route I was telling Bethany how I had scared myself a few nights before letting my imagination run wild while running late at night, that perhaps someone was hiding in the bathroom. I got so scared that I left early! I had just finished telling my tale when we entered the room. We heard voices coming from the bathroom! We suppressed giggles at the irony and started getting ready when two very young and somewhat suspicious boys emerged from the bathroom and quickly exited without saying a word. Hardly half a minute passed and I hear Bethany exclaim "You've got to be kidding me!" I ask what she's talking about. Then, pointing toward the bathroom she says, "they hot boxed the bathroom!" Sure enough at that moment I could smell it too, those two juveniles had violated the weight room with weed. Trying not to laugh I went and told the manager down the hall. Heading back towards the weight room I could now smell it in the hall. We decided to skip out today (we didn't want to bake Ammon's little brain as well as ours) and headed back to my apartment. As funny as something that "situational" can be, I'm still miffed! Now even something as wholesome and personal as working out has become a thing I have to be cautious about, stepping around other peoples bad decisions. I hate that Ammon was there just as much as I hate when people curse around him or when we have to walk through a cloud of smoke every time we leave a public place. On top of this now I need to "scope out" the weight room to see if there are any half baked teenagers hiding habits from their parents before I can work out. I only wish I'd gotten a better look at em.

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