Monday, December 4, 2006

Holy Birthday!

What happened to the days of the b-day count down? You know what I mean, you would tell your friends "15 days 12 hours and 27 min till I'm _____(insert age here)!" You look forward with great anticipation to the new privileges and responsibility your age and a new year would bring. This year all I could think about was a paper that needs to be written, laundry that is starting to smell, Ammon needs a bath and birthday is tomorrow? Huh how weird! Maybe it's just the simple fact that there is nothing particularly amazing about being 22. 21 is a big deal, 25 is a milestone, 22 ehhh just nicely tucked in between. I'm just "twenty something" still too young to rent a car. This year though has found me in a beautiful setting. My son each day finds something more to learn and laugh about, we are drawing closer to Christmas break, my husband is the most amazing thing that continues to happen to me (who is, in fact, at this moment shopping for what looks like will be a very promising birthday dinner.) I have to say, life is good. I have really felt lately that this IS what we're made for, family, a loving one at that. It's no wonder I feel joy every time Jim comes home from work or Ammon wakes up with a huge smile on his face. Now, it's not easy, I think that the things worth doing in this life are never easy, but so worth it. So as overlooked as this birthday has been, I think it's by far the best!!!

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