Monday, November 1, 2010

Little Boo's and a blessing...

This weekend was exciting! Actually the whole week was exciting, but I don't have enough time to blog about everything we did while the Grandparents were in town. Suffice it to was totally awesome. Any who, back to the weekend. We decided to go to the Shaker Wards trunk or treat Saturday night for our Halloween fun...the boys looked amazing!

Here they are! Luke starring as BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! And Ammon as a Giant Yellow Lego! Grandpa made the Lego all possible. It turned out so cute. Nothing like a few cold stone cups, spray paint and cardboard boxes to brighten the life of a little boy! The Elders were totally drooling over it. (I think they must have been wondering why they weren't as cool as a four year old.)

Sunday was a special day around here. Elaine was named and blessed during sacrament meeting. My parents were both there with their respective spouses, which was really nice. Dad got to be in the circle, Jim was emotional and the long awaited dress that my mother in-law made had finally come in the mail. It was perfect.

Aren't they adorable?

So sweet!
The dress was so pretty, I loved the little details and the fact that it was made by her Nana. The bonnet was made out of a hanky that belonged to my Great Grandmother on my Mom's side and she was snuggled in my blessing blanket that was made by my Great Grandmother on my Dad's side. It made the day very special to me. Having a little girl has been such a dream come true. The way the blessing made it sound, this is one very special little girl.

We were all very sad later that afternoon. Grandma and Grandpa had to get back on the plane heading west this time. We were all pretty choked up after they left. It was a wonderful visit. Ammon is still saying that they need to come back to " here with me in Cleveland." Hopefully soon. Then we'll party again!

To console ourselves, we carved pumpkins!

Jim has mad skills with a pumpkin!

Happy Halloween!!!


Sarah said...

Okay- that lego costume is pretty much the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Love the Elmo and Thomas pumpkins and Elaine looks so sweet in her blessing dress. Wish we could have been there. Thanks for the pictures!

Ammie said...

Pefect pumpkins for little boys. You guys are so sweet!

Um, yeah. I think the lego is the coolest costume ever. :D

Congrats on precious little Elaine's blessing. She is gorgeous.

hollyctr said...

Thanks Ammie ans Sarah! You should totally copy the lego thing. I think every little boy should have the chance to be a lego!