Wednesday, November 3, 2010

dropping like flies...

If you have ever been in my house during the summer, you would know how seriously scary it is to be a fly who has crossed my threshold. Well, we are not swatting bugs today. However, I am watching as my family is falling left and right to GERMS!!!! Ammon is STILL running a fever, Luke decided that spending 24 hours puking all over the house was a great idea and now Jim has an intestinal bug from H E double hockey sticks. Elaine and I are the only ones unaffected so far, but I'm afraid that won't last long. We're the next flies :(. So far today I've: washed all the door knobs with hand sanitizer, doled out two doses of medicine, mixed one quart of Gatorade, and nursed a baby (please let those antibodies work!) and it's only 8am. This is going to be fun.

Update:  Ammon has pneumonia. Lame. At least there are antibiotics for that. Cross your fingers I don't catch it!

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Kristin said...

First of all, I REALLY like the new look of the blog.

So sorry the sicknesses have befallen the Cleveland Messegees! :( I hope this all passes quickly for you and that you and Elaine remain healthy.

Thinking of you all. Lots of love.