Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Yea!!! I've been playing around with html, what do you think? Three columns totally rock right? Love it!!! I know, I'm a nerd.

Random cuteness to keep the Grandparents happy. AWWWW
ALSO, I left a subtle hint yesterday that was apparently too subtle. I need help! I have less than 7 weeks till Christmas here people and alot of folks to make/get gifts for. I am entirely unprepared for this holiday season! So, even if you do not expect a gift from me, or you already know what I'm giving you, would you mind sharing your ideas??? Any idea is a good one. I need mass gift possibilities so I don't have to spend precious making time trying to generate creative thoughts. BRING IT ON!

Thanks in advance for you help!

What are you making for Christmas gifts?


Ammie said...

I am mass producing seahorses for my nieces and nephews that I will see during the holidays. I thought about elephant toys, pajama-type pants and knit hats, too.
I'll also be making clipboard calendars (I think) for the grandparents. (You know, decorate the clipboard, and make up a printable calendar on my computer. Then print out a few months every now and then embellish the page with scrapbooking paper, ribbons, buttons, doodads, and photos.)
I haven't decided whether or not to make anyone else anything, but purses sound like a good present for my sisters. (Except that one of my other sisters is already doing that this year.)
Oh, and finger puppets. I want to make pirates, turkeys, mermaids, a nativity finger puppet set, and Little Red Riding Hood.

hollyctr said...

Ammie when do you sleep! I love it! You have such awesome ideas. I'm intrigued about this clib board thing, do you have any pictures?