Thursday, February 21, 2008

Whew what a month!!!

Has anyone else had like a million cold/flus this last month! Holy smokes! Its like every time I start feeling a little better BAM! I get sick AGAIN!!! Oh well, all's well the ends well, here at the end of the month, I think we're finally all healthy! Yea!!! I have my 1st OB appointment with my new Doctor on Monday so that should be exciting (hopefully I'll find out when my ultrasound will be!!) She sounds really cool so I'm looking forward to meeting her.

So, now to the real news! Drum roll please BBBRRRRRUUUUUMMMMMMMM... WE GOT ACCEPTED TO MEDICAL SCHOOL!!!!!!

This week Jimmy received two offers, one from Arkansas and the other from the much anticipated Case Western Reserve School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio!!! We've prayed and decided that even though we haven't heard back from all of the schools we've interviewed at we're going to Cleveland. Its the best school and has the best curriculum of all the school we have a shot at. We're very excited about this news!!!! I can't wait to move now! The great thing about Cleveland is we can buy a house, so that's very exciting!!

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. We feel so truly blessed for this opportunity to go to such a highly rated school, and to have known all of you!!!


April said...

Congratulations on med school! We enjoyed our short stint in Ohio but we were down south which is nothing like up north. We have some (member) friends in DO school in Cleveland if you want to ever touch base with someone that lives in the area let me know.

Torrie said...

i remember you being really sick the whole time you were pregnant with ammon! yuck!
congratts on the school!
one of my brothers lives there and really enjoys it, hope you find the perfect house for you!

CODY - KAMI - HAZEN said...

Congrats!! I am so excited for you all. What a wonderful opportunity. Of course, you couldn't BE moving further away from Washington could you!? HA HA! We are happy for you. How are you doing Holly? Are you as sick as you were with Ammon? Will you find out what you're having with this pregnancy for sure? I hope you're all doing well!

mcdanielcubed said...

Congrats on med school. We can't wait to hear about all your next adventures. I hope you're feeling allright.

Paige said...

That's wonderful news. Best of luck with that move. And it will be fun to hear about your baby news.

CODY - KAMI - HAZEN said...


Thanks for coming over last night with Ammon, so good to see you both!

Email me your google user email address @ so I can add you as a "reader" to our blog!

We'll talk to you later!