Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm in trouble

So, basically I suck at blogging! Sorry!!!! Ok quick update. We're moving to Cleveland May 30th for Med School, we're having a boy and naming him Luke, Ammon is as stinking cute as ever (i'll attach Prof of that!) Jimmy is wonderful, he's been working almost 70 hours a week for that past couple months. I was just called to Primary and Jim was called as a ward missionary. Ummm....We have our new address in Cleveland! Email me if you want it. Phew! I think that's it! The pregnancy has been going well and this one is even busier then Ammon (if that's even possible) It's going to be pretty exciting having two boys ( I think Ammon really needs siblings!!) Oh and for those who have been asking, yes we've finally registered at for baby stuff but there's only like 5 things on there so get em quick they won't last? (we hope! lol) Well we lova ya, sorry it's taken so long. Here's a cute one of Ammon "typing" on his "Laptop"! I love it!!

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