Monday, February 4, 2008

Hello Hello

Orlando was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was warm and sunny the first two days we where there, then it was cooler and sometimes rainy the rest of the time but 60 degrees is still lovely compared to here! We were exhusted when we got back. I was sick the whole time (boo) but still managed to keep up. We did; Kennedy Space center (very cool) Magic kingdom (a little overwhelming) Epcot (also very cool) Sea World (amazing) and MGM (I was done at this point) We also went for a dip in the ocean (on a hot day of course) Ammon LOVED the waves, he thought they were hilarious, but not such a big fan of fire works (yikes!) I liked Florida more then I thought I would. The people seemed nice enough out side of the theme parks (I couldn't believe how rude people were at the parks!) Although, funny story, here we are in FLORIDA in the middle of citris season right, I'm thinkin, this is gonna be awsome! Get some fresh oranges, they'll taste amazing...right? WRONG! Seriously, every orange I examined for purchase, everywhere we went were from CALIFORNIA! What? Now I know Florida had a cold snap and all that wasnt so hot for their harvest but you would think maybe one or two right? I was shocked. Anywho I'm glad to be home. I think Ammon and I slept for three days streight in the joy of our own beds (ahhhh) And we missed Daddy of course! Anyway, miss you all! I'll have pics up soon!!!


Torrie said...

glad to hear you had a fun time!
i love disney world!
can't wait to see your pictures!

CODY - KAMI - HAZEN said...

I am glad you had a fun vacation... you deserve it. So, Jim didn't go with you then huh? You wrote that he gets back today...did he fly somewhere for another interview? Has he heard back from any schools yet or is it still too early? I need to just call you and we'll catch up.

mcdanielcubed said...

I miss you guys! It's good to hear that things are going well. Keep in touch, and let me know wherer you end up medical school wise!