Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mi Casa Su Casa

Here are some pictures of the new Abode. Nothing is official of course until closing but as long as everything goes well it's ours!

 Front of the house

 The awesome kitchen :)

 Main Bathroom (strangely it is the same color we painted our bathroom at our last house)

looking down the hall towards the rooms from the living room (hall on the left goes to the front door)

 Standing in the corner of the living room looking at the dining room, kitchen is to the right of the dining room.

 Standing in the hall looking at the living room

 The turquoise room

 The light blue room

 The dark blue room

 Master bedroom

 Master bathroom


Backyard, other side

Well......what do you think? Pretty cute huh?


Melissa said...

which room do I get to stay in!? ;)

hollyctr said...

The turquoise one :)