Tuesday, September 20, 2011

365 days of girl

Well it has happened. Elaine has turned one. I'm only a week or two behind posting about it but I'm just happy I had the chance to do it at all! We have loved the change of dynamics our little Miss has brought to our home. We love you girlie!

Elaine right now you...

Love to do ANYTHING with Daddy (he's your favorite)
Have three teeth
Want to eat anything with sugar in it (especially cake or ice cream)
Can say 6 words (Mama, Dada, night night, Hi, yeah, and dog)
Adore your brothers
Love to "read books" by yourself
Want dinner at 5pm every night (on the dot!)
Can blow kisses
Add sweetness to our lives :)

Love you baby girl, we don't know what we would do without you!

Posing in her birthday hat. There's some serious attitude in those lips :)


Molly said...

Wow, that was fast, I mean she appears as and acts as a one year old but it doesn't seem that long since you were pregnant if ya know what I mean. Yippee.

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