Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello Blog, long time no see!

Spring is a wild and crazy time around our house. Made more crazy of course by just being us. Holly finished school with an impressive 4.0 gpa (shes very proud of herself) Jimmy has achieved a life goal of running a marathon with his sister Emily this last Sunday. They both did an incredible job and were inspiring to watch. Jimmy ran in 4hr 27min and Emily ran it in 3hr 44min. We had a blast with Emily and Sean Sean in town (it's always wonderful to see family!) This week, Jimmy has his finals. He did great on his first one and feel ready and eager for his last one tomorrow. Tomorrow is also a special day around here because it is our 4th anniversary! Wow! I can't believe how fast time goes! And how much we've gotten done! We've lived in 4 homes, had two children,gone to 4 schools collectively, held six jobs, driven cross country three times, gotten one BA and made it into Medical school. Phew! I'm so happy that I found my Jimmy! What a blessing! In a few day's we will be driving to the Red Umbrella Farm in Missouri to spend some time with Jimmy's Mama. We're excited to get out of the city for a while and get our hands dirty! Luke is clapping now as well as waving (and saying) hi and he can throw a ball! We expect any day now for him to start chasing Ammon across the house (He's so close!) Ammon is "reading" books now, and does a great job. He loves to play with his brother and is really a great big brother. Jimmy will be doing research for the summer with the Pediatric Neurosurgery department at UH and I will be taking 8 credits online. The sun is shining, our garden is growing and life is wonderful! Love you all! Here are some snapshots of our exciting month!

victory dinner...yum!

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Very cute family Holly!