Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm grateful for....

Thanksgiving!!!! WHAT A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY! This year was especially great because it was our first on our own! Lots of firsts with this dinner! My first turkey, Meagan's first apple pie, Luke's first turkey day and the weather was beautiful to boot! We invited our friends the Smiths and Jean (a lady I visit teach) the missionaries and of course Meagan to join our family gathering. Meagan and I had been cooking for two day's (having a total blast in the kitchen) and everything turned out AMAZING! The turkey was perfect, the table was beautiful. The House smelled divine! I'm going to take this moment to give a good back-pat to everyone who made this night wonderful! (Thanks Sarah for yummy rolls!) Here is a photo representation of our unforgettable evening.

lemon zest, too pretty to go unnoticed.

the bird

The hungry crew

the best part of the night

our garland of gratitude. everyone wrote their name and what they were grateful for to keep a record of all our thanksgivings through the years

an excellent post-turkey activity


Annie said...

Your dinner looks delightful. Hey, we had the Smith's over for our first Thanksgiving on our own. Funny connection!

Satoko said...

You have two boys!! Yey!
I just found your blog and am very excited!
Ammon is such a cute boy...I am so amazed how much he has grown since I saw him last. Time flies!