Thursday, November 13, 2008


I'm not sure why it has been so exciting for me, but who cares! The boys are now sharing their bedroom. Luke was sleeping in our guest room till last night when he was moved into Ammon's room. They both went to bed together, slept great, and woke up at the same time! It's not like it's a major milestone or anything, but it has left me all warm and fuzzy. I think it's because I'm already seeing them form a bond between them. Ammon loves to talk to Luke and make him smile (which is easy enough with Luke) and Luke loves to watch Ammon's every move, he even giggles with Ammon is being silly. This is just great! They will be sharing rooms for many many years to come. I know there will be plenty of pillow fights, nights when they just won't stop giggling and long talks before sleep. It just makes me happy! I love that they have each other! What a wonderful gift to get! A brother for the rest of your life!!!

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