Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So the last 24 hours have pretty much been out of control. Allow me to explain. It all started last night. Jimmy was studying for his exam today I was reading (and not feeling so good) when at about midnight Jim says to me "Well, I'm done studying, I'll just check my email and we can go to bed." Sweet, I thought. Next thing I know Jim is practically jumping off the walls. He was invited to interview at University of Arkansas but the craziest part is they want him there a week from Saturday! AHHHH. So we all calmed down, (after an hour or so) and went to bed. Now, a little background here, December 4th is my birthday, we had already celebrated so no big deal. Further background, I have been feeling "ill" for a couple weeks now and was getting quite suspicious, Thus waking up this morning (and it being my birthday) I thought I would confirm my suspicions as a present to myself. Sure enough, I'M PREGNANT!!! Yes after 9 months of trying it's finally happened! Happy Birthday! So I did what any woman should do, called my OBGYN to confirm my confirmation. Well they had a spot open this afternoon, so in I went, yes I'm pregnant. How pregnant you ask??? Well that is the big question isn't it? It could be July 8th (very funny because Ammon was due July 7th) like the nurse speculated or sometime later in July or August. We don't know, I'll let you in on the date when we do. Then the dilemma "who to tell?" I thought we where going to wait till Christmas but I blabbed to Kami this morning waking in the mall, and almost at the same time Jim was telling his mother. So that did it. Everyone had to know and now, you do! So Crazy day of calling really excited friends or, changing the subject, rather dramatically, on birthday phone calls. From 'Happy b-day' to 'Wow your WHAT?'

And yes, for those of you doing mental math at this moment, Medical school does start in July or August (depending on the school) And yes, Jimmy may not be there for the birth, and yes, I will be staying to have the baby in Washington (most likely.) All told, my life just got a lot crazier, but also, much more joyous. (And yes, I know we're crazy)


Andrew and Janetta said...

I started to type "Happy Birthday..." and then I restarted with "I am so happy for you that you are pregnant..." and "Congratulations to Jim on his interviews..." because I couldn't decide which of the three was best. Now on my third attempt, I I have decided on YAY FOR HOLLY! WHAT A LOT OF GREAT NEWS!

April said...

Congratulations on the baby! I can't believe you didn't mention it this morning!

Happy Birthday yesterday!

Paige said...

Congratulations on everything. I hope this round goes better than the last.