Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The day has come!!!

Quick update, Jimmy was invited to interview with Case Western Reserve in Cleveland!!!! (also, if you haven't heard already, he was turned down from UW) Our lease is officially up in March at which point we will be moving (because Seattle is very $$$.) Where we will go until med school starts in August, we have no idea (please share if you do!) If we've been accepted by that point we may just move there and get settled (depending of course on the cost of living) We'd like to move down to Olympia and save some money first and spend a little time with the family. We'll see. Other then that life has been great. We're broke but happy. Grandma Smith flew Ammon and I down to Salt Lake City for a week, that was alot of fun! (and if any of you need pictures take for a special occasion, I know that best photographer in the state of Utah!) We had some pictures of Ammon taken, and the weather was beautiful! I'm excited to see how they turn out. I hope all is well with you and your families! Say hi for us!!!


Torrie said...

I would say to be greatful that you only have one chid to support at this time. kids are really expensive! And very time consuming during a move. Good luck!
And Mindy had a place that her and Pete lived that was a month to month lease, for the in between time for moving. i can find out what the name was if you want.

hollyctr said...

That would be awesome! We're up for any ideas at this point!