Monday, October 8, 2007


So I know I said I would be blogging more, and yes, I'm aware that its taken me almost two weeks to write again. So I'm sorry. Anyway...Conference was AWESOME!!! I'll put links up of my fav talks when they are available online. I can tell you right now that Sister Beck's talk from Sunday morning and Pres Monson's from Saturday Morning are tied for first.

As far as family is concerned I have some news! Jimmy took the MCAT in July (I know, shame on me) and got a whopping 38! (for those like me who had no idea what that meant, its the 99th percentile) So he basically rocks. He's applied to med school and now we are waiting for invitations to interview. He started back at school and has a pretty laid back schedule (for once) Most of it is Lab work though so while he has no homework, he is still gone all day long. But the good news is, this is his last quarter before med school! YEA!!! So we will all be seeing much more of Jimmy after December.

As far as work goes, I sold my first house this summer, which was soooo neat. I have a listing in Lake City (if anyone wants a peek, I'd love to show you!) and I'm taking a listing in Olympia this month. Also, I'm now on the committee for philanthropic spending and activities with my office. I have loved this part of my job more then anything! We will be hosting a 5k in April and all the proceeds will go to Greg Mortensen and the CAI to build schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan! (He's the author of "Three cups of Tea" that we just read for book club.) I'll have more info on the race as we get further in the planning. And if you know anyone who wants to buy sell or know more about the market, PLEASE let me know! Referrals are the best!

Ammon is big and busy! He climbs now, so I'm always on my toes. He has shown his stubborn side alot more lately (I wonder where that came from) But he is still just as sweet and funny. His sense of humor has really taken off and everytime we take his picture its nothin but cheesiness!

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