Thursday, October 7, 2010


We've had alot of it lately. I mean BIG change. The kind that makes you wonder if you are still you when you wake up in the morning. For example, we are now a family of five instead of four (weird) Jim is on Neurosurgery rotation which equals 80 hours per week of getting picked on. Ammon is in school again and Luke is decidedly two. Life is.....good and hard. Definitely hard. However, it has been nearly 4 weeks since Elaine joined us and I have already left the house by myself with all three children twice. I feel pretty good about that! So, I think I'm still me, the boys are definitely still the boys and Elaine is just cute. We'll make it, and we'll make it great! (Even if I do cry sometimes when I go to bed at night)Also, if you really feel like it, you could say a little something in your prayers for our crazy lives and I would be ok with that. Or drop off Cinnamon rolls on my porch, that would be ok too!



Ammie said...

Haha! Cinnamon rolls are always welcome, aren't they! (I think I ate more cinnamon rolls in Gideon's first few months than I've ever eaten in my life. We bought them at Whole Foods, btw, lest you think I was actually BAKING then!)

Anyway, hang in there! Hooray for the successes. And it's okay to cry at night. :) Love you!

Kristin said...

Super duper cuteness!! Doing a great job, Sister! Love you.