Monday, March 29, 2010

Nice to see ya...

This is me blogging. Blog, it has been awhile. I was disenchanted with you, and frankly felt I had no time to write at all. I have since recovered and am now back, maybe, for a little while. This is what is going on.

Since October:

Ammon has been doing awesome in school. We had a great trip to The Red Umbrella Farm for Christmas. We have a Grammy living with us now. This has been a particularly exciting development. She came out in December and is living in our newly finished attic. She has been going to school, playing with the boys and meeting a pretty awesome guy. We love having Grammy around! (This has also meant weekly date nights for Jimmy and I!)
Luke is running and says over 200 words and he's not even 20 months old! Ammon is in speech therapy outside of school and is loving it. Jim has finished his second year of residency and is currently studying for the board exams on April 28th!
We found out in January that we are expecting another baby (another good reason for my lengthy absence.) We had at one point suspected twins, but an ultrasound cleared the air and we are happily expecting only one baby. This one should arrive sometime at the end of September. I have decided to see a midwife for this pregnancy and I plan to deliver at Westlake hospital which is on the other side of town. I've decided to do this because unlike UH they strongly support natural labor and delivery and have the equipment to help in that process. Please ask me questions about this decision! I am WAY excited about it.
Other then all of that, life is pretty chill. I'm finally starting to get over morning sickness. Spring is on it's way and we have big garden plans! We're excited to find out what the baby is, but we'll have to wait another 6 weeks before we do. I'll keep ya posted. We just keep livin. I'd love to hear from you all, sorry I've kept you waiting!!!

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