Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Perfect St. Patricks Day...

It started out with school. I know some may not consider that a part of a "perfect" day but it was for me! It was our first back from spring break so we got our mid terms back! I currently have straight A's! Yea!!! (I'm very proud of myself!) Then to top that good news off, it was 70 degrees when I got out of class! I rushed home to pick up the boys and we went on a lovely family bike ride. Our dear friend Sarah let us borrow the buggy for the boys. They had so much fun! After the awesome bike ride we ate a quick and yummy dinner which I was able to prepare on my amazing new kitchen counter that Jimmy made for me! After eating we needed to drop off a similar counter that we helped make for some of our friends. We had a lovely chat then decided to take a drive simply because the sunset was beautiful. As we pulled away from there home and took a right towards the west we crested a hill (unusual in Cleveland) and saw this as we stopped at the light! Ammon summed it up with a very enthusiastic "WOW" and we all agreed. Jim proposed that we drive downtown since I had never seen it before so we continued westward into the sunset. Downtown was beautiful and surprisingly clean. We found the Rock and Roll hall of Fame and gazed out on Lake Erie. When the downtown bells chimed 8 o'clock we decided to head home to getting sleepy heads to bed. Ammon was quite taken by the bells and kept saying "Did you hear it? Dong Dong, is that bells?" over and over all the way home. It was a perfectly wonderful day. Who could ask for more?

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