Wednesday, January 21, 2009

O-BAM-A !!!

Did you love the chanting crowd? It kind of reminded me of a baseball game. Fun, fun. Anyways, yesterday was an awesome day! What a great time to be American! I was in my History class at school during the ceremony. My nutty professor had us all stand in the hall to watch the swearing in on the big flat screens they have hanging around campus. She said "history like this needs to be experienced in a crowd!" with of course her fist in the air and an aura of a soap box near by. So crowd we did, and it was a cool experience. (She's promised to email me pictures that I will post later of us all huddled in the hallway.) I really appreciated that Obama didn't sugar coat our situation or for that matter get all melodramatic about it either. Simply put we are Americans and as Americans we know how to get down and dirty when our ideals are on the line. I also appreciated that he handed the task to us, the masses. I think that it will absolutely take the cooperation of millions to fix this mess (and one darn good leader, which we have!) The thing I love about Obama the most however, is he has the ability to inspire pride in people. I actually like saying that I'm American again, like a here and now American not the ideal what we could be someday American. I love the fact that he holds so dear our foundations and our stubbornly optimistic idealism, cheer for the underdog kinda gumption. I LOVE THAT! So to all you Americans (and non-Americans alike) get inspired with some gumption! Things are gonna change! Not only because there's a new man in the hot seat, but because America is thinking differently.

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CODY - KAMI - HAZEN said...

Hi Holly! I was sorry to read about your grandpa... how sad. I also read about you being back at school... I wrote you a while back, but I know you've been busy. Where are the boys when you're in school? I was just wondering how you juggle it all? I am glad you had a good Christmas in Texas and it looks like you are all doing well!