Saturday, June 23, 2007

Let me take this moment....

To brag about my amazing husband. He has officially finished the school year with an impressive 3.84 GPA ending with the hardest quarter of classes thus far! His dedication and focus continue to leave me in awe. However, don't get the idea that the end of finals meant the end of study for the summer, oh no, Jimmy has diligently studied for the MCAT (which he takes July 13th) every day for 6+ hours! Incredible! After which he goes to work every night and works in a lab at UW on Thursdays. How does he do it? He worked almost 50 hours last week! And still studied everyday! Now before you start feeling sorry for me thinkin I must be getting no attention with all of this going on, He has also managed to make time for me and Ammon. He watches Ammon while I have appointments during the day, and makes dinner with me every night (even if it is at 10pm) I am just so proud of him and his accomplishments. For those of you who see or talk with him from time to time, take a chance to pat him on the back for his outstanding efforts! He's my hero, if only I was capable of accomplishing as much as he does!

PS keep us in your prayers on the 13th! BIG DAY! Isn't life great?

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