Thursday, March 29, 2007

OoOoOh the possibilities!

I know you've all been waiting, your infinite patience has paid off, we have reached the final cut of possible med. schools! Jimmy will be taking the MCAT on July 13th (yes, that is Ammon's first b-day) and starting the very next week he will begin work on his applications! (did that come up fast or what?!?) So, in case you were interested in where we might end up, here are our 15 choices;

#1 Johns Hopkins: Baltimore, MD
#2 University of Washington: Seattle, WA
#3 University of California in San Francisco: San Fran, CAL
#4 Baylor University: Huston, TX
#5 University of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, PA
#6 Duke University: Durham, NC
#7 University of California LA, Los Angeles, CAL
#8 University of Michigan: Ann Arbor, MI (?)
#9 University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill, NC
#10 University of Wisconsin: Madison, WI
#11 Pritzker University: Chicago, IL
#12 Northwestern University: North Chicago, IL
#13 University of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh, PA
#14 Oregon Health and Science: Portland, OR
#15 University of Utah: Salt Lake City, Utah

The list is long, I know, but Jimmy's advisor "advised" that he should apply to this many as it is very typical among those who make it in. We are very excited about the possibilities and of course are crossing our fingers and praying extra hard for our first 2 picks! Any prayer time you're willing to donate rest assured it's for a great cause and will be immensely appreciated!

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