Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy love day!

Holy moly has it really been a month since I've done anything on here!?! Well, short update, we've all be really REALLY sick. So at least I have a good excuse. Time sure flies though. Well on this day of love I found myself completely unmotivated to get out of bed (I had a massive headache!) Till, my visiting teacher buzzed my apt asking to come up! Yikes! I was still in sleeping attire with some gnarly morning breath! After a quick fix I was presentably just in time to answer the door. They brought me a pretty painted wooden M, for Messegee, so stylish. Ammon and Daniel played for a bit (her son was due two days before Ammon) and then left to take her older son to preschool. All at once I was hit with the fact that today was valentines day and I wasn't going to see Jim till 8:30 tonight! In my emotionally weakened state (man I'm dramatic) I remembered that our first valentines was spent over 2,000 miles apart! We had gotten engaged on the 12th, I flew back to Chicago on the 13th and started a new job the next day, in cold, lonely, Chicago. Needless to say, I perked up a bit and decided to read all the sweet letters Jimmy wrote to me during that very early time in our relationship. Can you believe he wrote me everyday for two months? Truly amazing. So to all of you out there in the world thinking of your loves today, whether they are near or far, just remember, It could always be worse, You could wake up tomorrow to find all this to be a dream. And still be proverbially stuck in the bitter cold Mid-west as lonely as ever. I am so blessed, and very lucky in love.

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